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Addiction Haven is a grassroots organization empowering our community to discover the truth about addiction thru advocacy, educational programs, collaboration, and community events.

Currently Arizona ranks 6th in the nation for drug overdose deaths and the pace is not slowing. The US consumes 80% of the world’s opiates and 99% of the world’s vicodin. The age of first use is getting younger and younger with a majority beginning at 12 years old and many as young as 10 yrs old. Our nation is in crisis and we need to come together in order to create a better, healthier world for upcoming generations.

There should be no shame in addiction, no one chooses to have substance use disorder, however society tends to believe it’s a moral failing partly because they lack education about what life with addiction truly looks like. It’s time we stand together, tall and proud, and fight for ourselves and our families. Addiction does not discriminate and recovery IS possible.

In 2016 we plan on addressing the following issues (in no particular order):
*Bring the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative to Arizona Check out for more information on their program. If you are a treatment center or police department and would like to participate, please contact us!
*Pass the following legislation in AZ: Layperson Naloxone Access, Ban the Box, and Partial Syringe Access to protect our peace officers from accidental injury.
*Collaborate with coalitions and organizations across the nation to create a cohesive message and begin to change the conversation around substance use disorder
*Quarterly community events to educate youth and families
*and more! Click Addiction Haven to learn how to stay up to date!

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Are you an advocate for better drug policy and creating recovery ready communities? Are you ready to come out of the shadows and show others that we do recover? Are you ready to break the stigma and shatter the shame that surrounds addiction?

Join Arizonans Unite to Face Addiction to learn about all the upcoming events and how you can get involved. We need YOUR voice!




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