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AZ Advocacy

I used to believe that one voice and one vote doesn’t matter however EVERY single voice counts and TOGETHER we can create effective change!!

2017 Advocacy Efforts

Passing of HB2333– Bans Patient Brokering

Passing of SB1127– Ban the Box- Removes criminal background question to after first interview

Passing of SB1067 Graduated Sanctions- Reforms parole violations

Passing of HB2172– Good Samaritan Law- Protects people who call 911 in the event of a drug overdose

Click on the bill numbers to download the current introduced legislation. More information and advocacy efforts will be added as season moves along!

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE HELPED MAKE THIS POSSIBLE!! Together we CAN and ARE making a difference!

Past advocacy efforts in Arizona:

Passing of HB2355 which provides layperson access to lifesaving Naloxone

*****Current activity- This bill has passed and is on the Governor’s desk! Thank you to all who have helped along the way!!*****

Here are some facts about Naloxone:
*Naloxone is an opioid antagonist. What that means is it stops the effect of opioids (opiate pills and heroin) on the opioid receptors in the brain. In an overdose, opioids slow breathing down until it eventually stops. If the person is found overdosing, Naloxone is administered by nasal spray or auto injector to stop the effect of opioids and in essence reverse the overdose. (These are the two available methods for layperson administration, in a hospital setting or EMT it is injection or IV)
*Naloxone cannot be abused.
*Naloxone side effects are immediate withdrawl because the body no longer recognizes the opioids
*Naloxone has a shorter half life than opiates and if administered, 911 still needs to be called
* Latest statistics show that every 11 minutes we lose someone to an opioid overdose in the US
*AZ is 6th in the nation for overdose deaths and in the senior population their rate has more than tripled
This is a life saving medication that has been successfully used by laypeople in over 26,000 overdose reversals, according to most recent records from CDC. Naloxone needs to be readily available.
The reason I asked is because there is current legislation to grant access of Naloxone to laypeople (non medical professionals). 43 other states have granted some form of layperson access.

To see the proposed bill:


To access our current advocacy letters and email addresses:




Passing of SB1340 which would eliminate the box on applications that asks about criminal history so that a future employer cannot discriminate against someone simply on their past.


This bill is no longer active. Senator Quezada will be introducing it again next year, however please stay connected as we will have action items to do the rest of the year to garner support for Ban the Box!!

For more information on the Ban the Box movement across the United States, please visit

To see the proposed bill:



Passing of SB1283 which would require doctors in the State of Arizona to participate in the Controlled Substances Monitoring Program and check it before they writer a script for narcotics to make sure the patient isn’t doctor shopping.

****Current update: This bill will was voted in and signed by the Governor! Thank you for the support! *****

To see the proposed bill:


To access our current advocacy letters and email addresses:



Against HB2107 which is a permissive bill for counties and cities to regulate sober living homes. Sober living homes do need to have oversight and we definitely need to create legislation to eliminate the amount of fraud we have in the recovery business. 

*****Current update: This bill has passed and is on the Governor’s desk for signature! ****

To see the proposed bill: