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About Angie

I have been on the journey of self awareness and growth since I was a teenager. Always searching to find the reason behind life, something to hold onto. After many, very sad, lonely years where I battled the demons of my past, addiction, and self loathing I finally realized the only thing I could change was myself. This particular part of my journey sparked 10 years …of learning to love myself and my life, no matter the circumstances.

 It has been an amazing road and one that I love guiding others through as well. On September 10, 2013 my world was turned upside down when my younger brother passed away from an accidental heroin overdose. That event has further solidified my desire to help others break free from their personal demons and live a life of power and joy.   We are NOT our labels. We are NOT any affliction. We ARE amazing individuals, sometimes struggling, to find our way in this life.

Struggle no longer. YOU are worth the effort to dig deep within and find out what your mission in life is and find your own powerful voice. Those of us that struggle the hardest in this life are usually the ones most sensitive to those around us.   The time is NOW to find your why, to find your voice, to stand from the mountains and shout your truth. If you need a guide, contact me. I would love to stand beside you in your journey. I work with teens and adults alike and also long distance.   You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You are not broken or weak, you are human as we all are, and you need support as we all do.


For a closer look at me and my family….

I am a single Mom of four and more things than I could possibly list here 🙂 My children bring me the greatest joy and heartache I could ever imagine. Watching and allowing them to grow up into their own beings is a journey all its own. The kids and I have taken many paths in our time together; some bumpy, some rocky, some incredibly joyful, and all, most importantly, fun and filled with love! We’ve struggled, laughed, cried, and thoroughly enjoy life! We love all things outdoorsy… camping, fishing, hiking, the beach, the mountains, and everywhere in between! I’ve been amazingly blessed with the ability to spend a lot of time with them and truly enjoy the ups and downs of everyday life. We’re a typical family; full of siblings fighting, teens working on finding their way in the world, school, sports, scouts, screaming and slamming doors, and playing hard! 

A few things I know for absolute sure about us are:

1. Our lives are far from boring.

2. We love each other and say it very often.

3. My children will never stop teaching me about life.

4. They will always be my greatest test and my greatest joy!

5. They have made me a better woman, better mom, and better Guide.

6. They are my mirrors and show me things about myself I am afraid to sometimes look at!


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