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Aug 30

Day 1 Stressed to Blessed

  Day 1 Stressed to Blessed- 3 Daily Action Steps    This video was done on Periscope and if you’re not familiar with this new app, go download it now! It is live streaming and you can talk directly to me! Please follow me on Periscope @faithinu for each day’s action steps!   If you more »

Jul 10

Recovery Lies

2 Biggest Lies About Recovery There are so many misconceptions about recovery and two of them can be lethal.    1. It’s all about your D.O.C. (Drug of Choice) WRONG! Addiction doesn’t care what kind of drug or alcohol you are abusing. It doesn’t matter if you are smoking H, weed, or drinking alcohol. You more »

Feb 26

Communicating with Teens

When was the last time you and your teen sat down and talked? I mean really talked?   As parents there are many times we sit our children down and tell them what we would like them to hear. Whether it be about their behavior, attitude, school, warnings, etc. Most of us expect them to more »

Feb 18

Teen angst?

  Signs that your teen could be struggling: Retreats to their room more often than not Has aches and pains regularly, especially stomach issues Mood swings Change in normal activities Change in friends Change in music tastes, TV, friends   Being a teenager wasn’t easy for me. School came easy, having “friends” wasn’t so hard, more »

Feb 13

If you have nothing nice to say…

I wish I could express just how painful it is for me to see all the judgment in this world. Everywhere I turn, someone is judging someone else. Yes, there are occasional uplifting posts and I steer my life to have the most like minded people in it, however the judgment keeps invading my space. more »

Feb 10

My Why…

  Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to be a Mom. Most girls I knew dreamt of their weddings, what they would wear, how their future husband would look or propose to them, practice writing their “new” last names, etc. NOT me! I dreamt of having 10 kids!! That was until I more »

Feb 05

YOU are worth it!

  A common thread I see so often is feeling unworthy. This feeling doesn’t discriminate… young, old, man, woman, it affects us all. Lately it has gotten me to think, what standard are we judging ourselves against? There isn’t a rulebook that says what qualifies as unworthy. In fact, it’s just the opposite. When a more »

Jan 28

What I Know Now

What I learned as a teen… -Actions speak louder than words   What I learned as a young adult… -Actions speak louder than words -Trust your own instincts   What I learned as a parent of a teen… -My actions speak louder than words and when I don’t follow my own instincts or trust myself, more »

Jan 24

I’m Sorry….

To all the loved ones of addicts…. I’m sorry.  I’m sorry there are so many judgmental people in this world who say mean and hurtful things about your loved one. I’m sorry for all the addict celebrities plastered over the news to remind you that they could be your children and all the mean comments more »

Jan 22

Fear is good! What? Yep!

How many times have you been told you need to let go of your fears? Or that fear is unhealthy and if it comes up just push it away and ignore it? I know for me that is quite often and I, as a coach, was stuck in that mindset for awhile too with my more »

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