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Our Drug Education as it stands now is NOT working, be proactive and teach them the tools they need to be able to ‘just say no.” 

Are you looking for an out of the box presentation vs the standard “just say no”? Bring Steered Straight presentations into your school!! We are booking for ’16-’17 school year already!!

Are you a community organization who would like to have a public presentation of the award winning documentary, “Kids are Dying” or “An American Epidemic” in a town hall format? Contact Angie to set this up!


“Angie is a great presenter and parents feel very comfortable engaging in discussions during our group meetings.  Parents have indicated her presentations on “communication gap” to be very informative and a good reminder on how they can implement strategies when interacting with their teenagers.  Angie’s presentations at Hamilton High School are valuable and informative for our parents and we look forward to continuing our partnership with her for our ongoing parent education groups!” -Rajani Rastogi, Social Worker, Hamilton High School

Examples of Topics:

Learning to Let Go– Parenting is a consistent lesson in learning to let go little by little. From the first time they walk, go to kindergarten, and all stages of growing up. Learn how controlling and hanging on too tightly is causing more harm than good!

Teen Social Media Trends– Learn about the most recent and common apps your children and their friends are using and how to manage their usage!

It’s “Just a Phase”, or is it?- Learn the dangers of believing your teenager is “just” going thru a phase. Warning signs you need to pay closer attention to.

Dangerous Ways our teen deal with emotions– Learn about the rise in self harming, eating disorders, and drug use; what to look for, what may be the underlying reasons, and how to handle it.

Opiate Use Dramatically Rising!- Dangers in your cabinet, current trends, statistics, warning signs, and what to do if you suspect your children or their friends may be experimenting or using.

Drugs– Current trends, statistics, and warning signs. Tools to coping with drug use. Enabling vs Tough Love.