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Stressed to Blessed

Stressed to Blessed in 21 Days!!

*How many times have you said you are going to start putting yourself first and then never do?

*Do you go to bed exhausted, drained, worried, or stressed?

*Are you saying to yourself, “That’s normal, right? I mean, I am a PARENT!”?

As parents we tend to give of ourselves more than we have and don’t take time each day for ourselves!

“Well, that’s easily explained”, you say. “I have kids, a husband/wife, job, housework, carpool, school, and all of the other things that go along with being a parent!! How in the world can I fit time in for myself?”

THIS IS HOW!!! Create a HABIT of taking care of yourself! Build it into your day!! I’ve made it SUPER easy for YOU!

Each day you will receive an email with 3 Guided Action Steps which create a pattern for you to follow and tools you can use forever!! It doesn’t get simpler than this to start creating a life where you feel full and re-energized at the end of the day, instead of broken and exhausted!


  Still haven’t signed up?

What will it take before you make the commitment to yourself to take time each day for YOU?

For me, it was a nervous breakdown 10 years ago. I did NOT see it coming. I had everything under control and thought the way I felt was NORMAL for being a mom. IT’S NOT!!!!

For others, it’s a sudden heart attack or illness. Sometimes even the death of a close loved one! Is that what it will take for you?

Are you waiting till something major happens before you are finally willing to STOP and LOVE yourself?

YOU are WORTH it NOW!!

  You are worth the investment of $33 which will put you WELL on your way of creating a new life where YOUR needs are met!

Here is what others who have completed the journey have to say:

“The program started off slow- which was good because I was having problems with the “yourself” thing. I was not comfortable with myself yet and the gratitude journal was becoming difficult. It is really hard to LOOK at yourself! I learned a lot and definitely will put into place those “take action” steps.  I have learned that I am able and capable of taking care of myself and not just those around me. Thanks Angie for helping me realize- I am an important person, I need to be kind to myself and I need to start taking care of ME!”

“I am more present and peaceful.”

“Thank you so much Angie for your light and your love!! For teaching me to look at myself and others in a more kind, compassionate, and loving manner. My relationships are more positive and my outlook is more positive!!”

“I have been reading more for pleasure these last couple weeks as well as taking my breaks at work- the old me woulda plowed through coffee and lunch and stressed myself to the max trying to get things done- I refuse to run myself ragged- nothing is that important!”

Are you finally ready to devote 15 minutes a day to YOU?

What new life could you create?


Once registered you will receive a welcome email and the first day’s action steps!

Each day following you will receive an email in the evening outlining the steps for the next day so you can plan a time to fit it in! 

I will also send you a Gratitude Log and I highly encourage you to get a journal or small pad of paper to write down anything that comes up for you through the daily action steps!

Unlimited email support available for entire 21 Days plus bonus downloads!

Each step is laid out clearly for you, to alleviate the stress of having to “think” of a way to take time for YOU!


Facing yourself, making time for yourself, putting yourself first, is NOT always easy at first, however it CAN be!!



Peace, calm, better sleep, more gratitude, better relationships, and deeper connections are KNOWN side effects of this journey!!